w 中國傳統武術研習社    






This Association was established by some masters, brothers and disciples of Hung Gar who wanted to promote the traditional Chinese martial arts. The head of the Association is Mr. Mak Che Kong, a former Hung Gar disciple and follower of the honorable great grandmaster Chan Chi Keung. Since 1977-1980 after receiving the approval of the Master, he becomes the instructor of the Children Martial Arts and Lion Dance Group. From 1980 to 1990 he becomes the instructor of the Hong Kong Girls Association where he taught martial arts and lion dance. At this time, he also worked as martial art scene advisor in many Cantonese opera play. He has more then ten years of experience in teaching youngsters to martial arts.  


From 1990 on, Master Mak left Hong Kong and worked in Chine for more than ten years. In 2003 he decided to return to Hong Kong. He saw that everything had been changed dramatically, and felt that the whole society of Hong Kong would slowly get a new shape. The youngsters of Hong Kong are all influenced by they hear or saw. These let him to emerge the following two feelings: 1st. They live in an enclosed space, where they can meet in frustration, and easily can be the subject of aggression. 2nd. In this unbearable society they can blindly strive for unattainable goals, loosing themselves. In our family and in our schools we can also see newly reformed teaching methods, which put great pressure onto teachers and onto students as well.      


Preventing the spread of bad behavior in schools, the authorities will use the “one school one policeman” concept to maintain discipline. Unfortunately, there are only few policemen and to many things to do.


Moreover, the workers in China are getting younger and younger. The number of foreign students is also growing. We can ask from ourselves, how could those Hong Kong youngsters who were eating fries, playing on the computer, riding on skateboard, and playing with games, be compete with the talent of 1-2 billion of Mainland Chinese.


There are statistics, how Hong Kong, Canton and Macao young people are use their pocket money. It reveals that youngsters in China usually buy books, but those of in Hong Kong buying food and spending money for fun. Nowadays Chinese young people have coin of vantage against Hong Kong youngsters. The reason is very simple: the young people living in China are lack of opportunity to find a good school; therefore they must be more hard-working. After China joined to the WTO and executed the Opening Policy, the young people living in China need to work harder to keep their competitiveness. They are more eager to study. Off course, the undereducated people can go to bad direction. This is what Hong Kong people can not even imagine. Shell I ask if a Hong Kong youngster goes to China his/her parents will be able to sleep well? Some of the parents realize this matter, so they send their children to military training camps. But how can affect anyone a few days of training?


Because of all these reasons, Master Mak decided to establish the Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Research and Practice Association. Since 2004, he organized many martial art classes through the whole territory of Hong Kong, to teach traditional martial arts for youngsters. He using the martial arts to develop the character cultivates moral, growing awareness and wakefulness of the disciples.  


From the beginning of this summer, according to the educational concept of the Association, we prepare for organize classes in many community centers through Hong Kong. We welcome any enquiry from Hong Kong Organizations. Build a glorious country together!


The head of the Association:

Mak Che Kong